Technical Guide

The in-venue system comprises of a business level wifi router (up to concurrent 200 users) and powerful dedicated server complete with the Gigzine content management system and portal. The network can easily be expanded in range and user capacity. Likewise we can scale the system to a laptop for an even smaller touring system. Its inrebidly easy to set-up whether in a venue, cellar, cave or field.


Gigzine Ltd also maintains a central server that is available on the wider Internet. It is possible to post content there as well, to reach users away from your venue.


Audiences join the Gigzine Network and then simply use their browser to interact with the media and systems you make available. Media used this way can not be downloaded. The Gigzine App (currently IOS) allows download and storing, this is free to audiences and can access any Gigzine server it can locate. If you install it now, there are several free Gigzine media pages about The Bays available for you to download from the central Gigzine server. The second generation Gigzine App is underdevelopment along with with Android.