About Gigzine

Gigzine augments audience interaction at your event or venue.

Gigzine is a, wifi and internet based, interactive media channel that is only available within a controlled physical area. It allows venues, events, artists or bands to seamlessly provide media to visitors' mobile devices; the audience simply join the local Gigzine wifi and try to go to their normal browser home page ... the Gigzine portal then takes over.


Downloadable media:-

Collect Gig memories on your phone.  We are used to seeing people video-ing events on their mobile phone, Gigzine takes this to a new level offering high quality magazine style media that includes text, images, video and music.


Tap and Zoom media pages:-

Gigzine media pages are laid out in a magazine format that meshes with the way we engage with print and the innovative touch screen; as pages open “zoomed out” viewers effectively get an immediate overview of the page's information and they then tap and zoom into specific media elements. A Gigzine media page can include imagery, text, sound or movies, making it perfect for any event. You create and edit Gigzine pages simply and quickly via a template based content management system.  Audience members accessing the Gigzine channel via the free Gigzine App are able to download and save media pages onto their phones to take away. 


Gigzine branding:-

Where as the GZ logo will always appear as the Application's icon, you can brand the media pages as you wish, plus you choose an icon that is associated with any downloaded media you provide.


Bespoke system:-

Of course we can make you a dedicated branded system that is only for you and your media, this can link to your in venue server and to a dedicated central section on the Gigzine server. 


Audience Interaction:-

Additional elements to the core Gigzine system enable audience interaction, allowing them to directly influence the event in some way, or for you to gather feedback data for example.


Visitor internet hotspot service:-

Particular versions of the Gigzine server can also manage your venue's internet hotspot.  This can log and remember user's mobile devices and lead to personalised experiences.