Rakes Remixed @ Whitworth Art Gallery

Working as part of Gigzine's Paul Hamlyn Foundation development award the education staff at the Gallery provided a structure of workshops for adults exploring the then Hogarth to Hockney exhibition. The participants created a Gigzine site that was their reaction and research stemming from the exhibition.  


The project was exhibited at a special late night at the gallery event. 


Sample pages::

The Rake Remixed: Landing page


The threads of research that contributed to The Rake Remixed naturally lead us to a map interface.  Each train line is a different conceptual thread and each station is a single media page/thought.  The stations on the map interface are links and the background image is of New York which is key to Hockney's Rakes series.


The audience can navigate using the map interface however all pages are also listed on individual 'train line" pages as well.


Sample page.

Media pages open zoomed out (though the above image is half zoomed in) and the you can tap on areas of interest to zoom in.  Pages are laid out in a series of panels that reflect the average smart phone screen size (e.g. iPhone).


The above sample page also has a video object embedded in it, video can either be played within the media page, or you can open in full screen mode.  Audio files can also be played within the page rather than being forced into a full screen media player.